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Zakat Donation syrian

Zakat Donation Syria – zakah ul fitr Syria

Zakat Donation Syria:

One of the best ways you can support people in need in Syria is by donating your Zakat payment to Ummah Relief International. Entire cities have been reduced to rubble in conflict-torn Syria. Syrians now make up the world’s largest population of refugees. More than 6.6 million people have been internally displaced, with a further 4.4 million taking shelter in neighboring countries and over a million seeking refuge in Europe. It is the largest movement of people since the Second World War and a crisis of such magnitude that urgent help is required right now to stop terrible suffering and further deaths.

Zakat Donation syrian






Syrians Risk Everything for Peace:

The civil war in Syria has been described as the worst of its kind in history. At least half of Syria’s pre-war population has fled. Those who have survived bombings have been forced to leave the country they love; their homes in ruins and their dreams shattered. One in five people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee. In Jordan the figure is purported to be one in 13. More than 245,500 Syrians have fled to Iraq, and another 125,000 are thought to have entered Egypt. Of those still in Syria, 13.5 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

As hundreds of thousands languish in refugee camps, more than a million have risked their lives to reach Europe. They have given up everything they hold dear to find sanctuary and the possibility of a more peaceful future. Of those, many will have attempted the dangerous journey from Turkey to Greece. At the mercy of human traffickers, they are handing over their life savings to be placed in overcrowded, unsafe inflatable boats, often without life jackets, and left unsupervised to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Not all of them survive the crossing. The sight of children being pulled lifeless from the ocean has not been enough to soften the hearts of all those who could help. The need for humanitarian aid has never been greater.

Syrians Suffering:

The onslaught of winter did not stem the tide of Syrian refugees trying to make it to Europe. With limited resources, Greece has been overwhelmed by the thousands who arrive on its shores every day. Those allowed to continue further into Europe face long journeys, often on foot. They are suffering physically and mentally, worn down by the freezing cold and man-made barriers. Persecution and the unfounded belief that some are economic migrants have added to their troubles. Even if they safely arrive in their country of choice, there is no guarantee they will be allowed to stay. Many are forced to live under cardboard and plastic sheeting, shunned by the people they have turned to for help. Uncertainty about the future, along with great need, is a major issue facing Syrian refugees every day.

Syrians Need Urgent Help:

  • Food, clothing, shelter and medical aid is urgently required by those fleeing conflict in Syria. Wherever they are in the world, they need your support and prayers. After surviving the journey to safety, they still face an uncertain future. You can help them in their hour of great need – donate Zakat now.

Your Zakat Donation Will Change Lives:

A Zakat payment, made once a year under Islamic law, is used for charity and religious purposes. As a non profit charity dedicated to helping Muslims in need, Ummah Relief International is a great channel to show your support for humanitarian work in Syria. A small amount of what you have saved over the past year could go a long way to preserving human life and giving people stricken by poverty a chance to build a future.

You can calculate your Zakat payment and to find out how to donate fitra in Syria.

Sadaqah Donation Syria:

If your Zakat payment is already committed to another cause but you still feel you would like to help those in desperate need in Syria, you can make a Sadaqah donation quickly and easily through Ummah Relief International. A small amount can go a long way to relieving suffering, and every donation is put to the best possible use. We ensure your money is spent on those who are in the most desperate need.

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